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Individual & Group Wellness Coaching

Personalized support as you commit to making significant behavioral changes that will lead you to peak energy and wellbeing.*


Mindfulness for Health Energy and Wellbeing

offered as a one-time presentation or more in-depth series

Moment to moment awareness can help lead us away from "disEASE" into a life of more "EASE." Enjoy an opportunity to explore what mindfulness is and its effect on stress management, commitment to physical activity, weight management and ultimately energy and wellbeing.

For more information and to register:

Contact Pat at patroix@wellnessrising.com or call 978-249-6182.


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*Individual and Group Wellness Coaching comes with unlimited email support and can be conducted in person or on the phone.


Pat Roix • Wellness Rising • Athol, MA

A personal support system on your journey to finding your best self